iPhone 15: The Shocking Secrets Apple Doesn’t Want You to Know!

The iPhone 15 will have hundreds of new features, few are still the top secrets but we know about 25 or so. Right now some of this stuff is great. Like all new colors, major design changes, a much better camera, and some not-so-good so, changes like the price will go up.

So this year practically let’s analyze the good news, We will tell you all the settings and changes that we know about all the news, Leaks, rumors, and some breaking stuff. Surprises that Apple may have in store.

Over the last 12 months, we have heard Continuous leaks and rumors about what Apple could change with the iPhone 15. We have a lot of crazy concepts. A few weeks away from these phones It became official exactly what it is. It changes this year, and is it really like that? Money is worth more money this year for honestly, one of the biggest improvements. Changes that you will notice in  The iPhone 15 model are something You can’t see or touch.

Battery Life

I’m not sure about battery life, but battery health cheers me up. Today’s iPhone 14 pro-Max isn’t that great, As Mr. John Rettinger himself saw it Battery life is really bad these days. Very unstable, which is not very good luckily. It seems that Apple heard our frustrations that some of the most important changes are in the battery. We are seeing some major promotions and Battery capacity for each model.

From 15 line soon and when you have The battery is running out and it is necessary Charge $15. I have good news here. So Apple finally gave up Lightning and changed all phones USBC is happy to see that too They make 15-watt fast Wireless chargers as long as they have the New Qi2 wireless charging technology.

In the next round of changes, You will notice that it is related. Designed specifically for iPhone 15, On the iPhone 15 Pro now as much as before I’d love to see this iPhone truly bezel-less We haven’t gotten there, at least not yet. But we’ll see accordingly.


A little more serious I have some sad news to report and that’s it. After Six years, Apple decided on Notch removal I know a lot of people like that were cool. The feature came with the iPhone 10.  The point to the notch disappears so far of silence, Step aside I don’t believe anyone is sad to see the notch disappear, because it was something that consumed a lot of space.

Out of space and now all 15 disappear this year’s model includes non-professionals. The forms will gain dynamism Island this year even if you want a little more space on your phone and then some fun ways to watch some of those cartoons.

Great, but the downside here is that On the 15th Apple does not go up Pros Screen refresh rate is 120 Hz, and 15 plus ss for non-professionals, its frequency reaches only 60 Hz.

It looks like dynamic magic. The island has something to do with fluidity and screen speed that animation and I’m afraid it is. It would be a little nutty and kind of choppy at 60hz but I think we’ll have to wait and see how it goes.

Objects also play an interesting role. At the back of the phone, we hear something. Reports that Apple can switch to The frosted glass back are somewhat similar to the 11 Pro on non-pro models this year 15 to 15 more would be nice and Apple also seeks to change its system’s High-end materials in promotional forms.

Stay away from stainless steel to titanium similar to the one we have Apple Watch Ultra This is the next change. A little and something interesting. We are scratching our heads and this is it. Apple seeks to expand its range and remove the physical SIM slot on the new one.

What color is your iPhone? Comment down below.

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technichia.com/2023/08/19/oneplus-nord/: iPhone 15: The Shocking Secrets Apple Doesn’t Want You to Know!

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